DVD: The Original Many Faces of Old Glory - The Concert


DVD: The Original Many Faces of Old Glory - The Concert


The original Many Faces of Old Glory "The Concert" DVD ending with "Operation Olympic" A-Bomb Statement.

Vane Scott's Many Faces of Old Glory - The Concert is a unique and rewarding experience for all who see it. No other program so perfectly combines humor with historic facts about the exciting beginnings of our great country. For over 40 years, Vane Scott Productions has delighted audiences of all sizes and ages in ballrooms, auditoriums, theatres, and arenas throughout the United States. This performance has been acclaimed, "The best we ever had," by those in organizations, business, and education.

Many Faces of Old Glory - The Concert was first performed in 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The dramatic conclusion about the reason we ended the war with the A-bombs is still being talked about today by veterans who were there.

Aired on PBS. Performed live with a full 65-piece Symphony Orchestra conducted by Margery Kent Henke. The melodic score was composed and arranged by Daniel Nightingale.

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