Vane Scott III


Vane Scott III is a 7th generation native of Newcomerstown, Ohio and is a direct descendent of the Mulvane family, one of Ohio's very first white settlers, having settled there in 1801.

He ad his wife, Sue, have been married for over 35 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. Together they own and operate Variety Home Rentals.

Vane is a veteran of the U.s. Navy, having served aboard two destroyers; the USS Claude V Ricketts DDGS and the USS Johnston DD821.

He is currently serving as commander of the Newcomerstown Veterans Honor Guard and is president of the Newcomerstown Historical Society.

Vane grew up surrounded by red, white and blue and the American flag with his parents owning Great Scott Displays, one of the country's largest over the road float builders and decorating companies in the 1960's.

Great Scott Displays decorated Washington, DC for President Eisenhower's second inauguration. They also decorated and built floats for two Miss America Pageants plus countless parades, fairs and celebrations across the United States.

His parents started Colonial Flag Company in 1968, which is now owned by Annin Flag Company; the largest flag company in the world. The plant is located in Ohio and employs 300+ people.

Vane joined the flag company while still in high school and then rejoined the company in 1980 after his military service. Working his way up through the ranks, he became plant manager in 1994 and remained so until his retirement in 2002. Retiring only to travel with his father criss-crossing the U.S. performing Many Faces of Old Glory.

Vane's father, Vane Scott Jr., wrote the script for Many Faces of Old Glory in 1975 and was on the road performing it for over 33 years.

Vane III has spent over 25 years making the American flag and learning its history. He went through the three largest flag booms in history; the American Bicentennial, Desert Storm, and 9/11, These events gave him added knowledge of our flag and its amazing history.

In 2013, Vane picked up where his father left off. He now performs the show to live audiences nationwide receiving rave reviews.